People Interacting with Street Art in Creative Photo Series ‘Please Draw Me a Wall’

guy in floater

French photographer Julien Coquentin devised an original way to capture street art. He decided to interrelate with it. His series entitled Please Draw Me a Wall features pictures where his subjects are imaginatively and playfully interacting with colorful street art pieces.

girl fishing

Coquentin synergizes graffiti and photography, making images that rely on the dynamic between an individual and their physical surroundings. His imaginative photo series brings to life inventive scenarios, creating a fusion between the experiences of performance art with the rebellious character of street art expression. Viewing Please Draw Me a Wall leads one to ponder about what kind of playful scenarios could be conjured with the street art that we see every day.

man lying on snow

The vast majority of street art is often rendered in 2D. In Please Draw Me a Wall, however, the interaction of the subjects lends the street art images a 3D character, as if bringing them to life. The otherwise static looking images become animated as the element of human interaction is introduced to the equation. The final result between subject and wall graffiti gives the already-lively street art new life.

person under umbrella with street art

The scenes become dynamic, where a man fishes for fish, a young girl hopes to capture birds flying overhead, and a child carries an umbrella to avoid the rain on the wall. Viewers are enticed to make narratives based on Coquentin’s creative visual stories. Coquentin has been reputed to invent many other strange worlds, such as his series in which he brings to life the undisclosed story of a discarded TV.

man fishing with street art

He has this to say on his Behance page,

Julien was born in 1976 and has a passion for photography since 2007. His work, noticed during the creation of a photographic diary, compound sandstone streets of Montreal,”Early sunday morning”, has been exposed several times. Focusing on issues of deforestation and indigenous rights, he made “Green Wall” during the year 2012 in Malaysia where he spent several months. Julien now lives in France.

girl holding bird cage

Take a look at his lighter side in Please Draw Me a Wall here.

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