Photo Contest: The Instagramers Gallery is Open And Wants to Give You $100,000 (Largest Photography Prize to Date!)

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This is exciting news for all you tech buffs, photography enthusiasts and hardcore Instagram users. Instagramers Gallery has launched a photo contest where you can win up to $1,000 prize money every day, or even the grand prize of $100,000! Simply upload your own photo, vote for other instagramers’ photo and rack up votes of your own, and participate in this great art community.

The very first Instagramers Gallery recently launched by opening its doors to the public in Miami. This strategic development is a move the social media site plans to duplicate in key cities not only in America, but all over the world. Situated in the city’s art district at 2324 North Miami Avenue, the gallery displays pictures in the now world-recognizable Instagram format as well as hosting forums, exhibits and seminars.

However for now, the Miami gallery is the only physical Instagram gallery in the world. The people at Instagram say they will feature photography from 17 famous “Instagramers” from Denmark, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Romania, Sweden, South Africa, as well as the United States.

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The innovative concept forms part of a part of a three pronged scheme from Instagramers Blog founder Phil González and social innovations expert Jorge Martínez that includes Instagramers Gallery, and two Instagramers Prizes.

The second phase of the concept is is a virtual gallery that invites users to upload one photograph a day. Images that will get posted will qualify to be entered into the Photo-Day Prize, a contest held every day where the mechanics entail an online gallery audience to vote for a lucky winner who will get US$1,000 prize money.

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As a finalist from the Photo-Day Prize competitions, one will be automatically qualified to vie for the grand prize which is being dubbed the Instagramers Photo Prize, the third phase of the concept that rolled out on December 16. A grand prize of an unprecedented US$100,000 will go to the lucky winner who will  be chosen by a jury comprised of well-known personalities in the worlds of photography, art, communications and new technologies.

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Other particulars of the contest created by Spain-based artists and social innovators Phil González  & Jorge Martínez are as follows:

  •  The contest is open to all Instagram users worldwide registered with
  • Users can access the gallery free of charge
  • User must choose the best images to be uploaded, as the program only allows the upload of one image per day
  • To facilitate the search of images, photos will be categorized by: Nature, sport, technology, people, travel, cities, beauty, art, family, landscapes, animals or music. Users can also search by “most liked,” country, artists or date of submission

seascape new zealand

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For more information and particulars, click here.

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