Photo Manipulator Transforms Celebrities into Bobblehead Dolls

zoe deschanel bobblehead

Bobblehead dolls, also known as bobbing head dolls are sort of a novelty toy. They have unusually disproportionate heads, being much larger and oversized for the body. A spring attaches the body to the head, usually in the neck portion of the doll, causing the slightest disturbance of the figure to bob the head back and forth or side to side. Bobblehead dolls are usually placed on car dashboards or in the rear deck, where their heads bobble constantly as the vehicle is in motion.  They are extremely popular with marketing campaigns and have been used extensively for various brands, personalities, and events.

Photo enthusiast samuelorsaumell used the Bobblehead doll as inspiration for his digitally manipulated images of famous celebrities. The series is quite simply called Celebrity Photoshop Bobbleheads, and it features some of today’s most popular stars from both television and the big screen.

anne hathaway bobblehead

scarlett johannson

jennifer laurence bobblehead

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson and Les Miserable’s Anne Hathaway both look hilariously real, thanks to the clean’ Photoshop execution done by samuelorsaumell. Hotties like Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson are comically reduced to this huge headed Bobbleheads that have the sexy Photoshopped away from their usually attractive appearance. Comedian Will Ferrell looks rather credible in his incarnation as a bobbing head doll. Katy Perry and Alison Brie get one step better than the other Bobbleheads having animated versions.

khaleesi bobblehead

will ferrell bobblehead

Samuelorsaumell was generous enough to share the process of how he manipulates the images.

“It’s actually pretty simple, most of these images are ~5 min jobs. The process is mostly just: 1) Copy the head onto a new layer. 2) Reduce background to 65% size (that’s the value I was using anyway) 3) Puppet warp the base of the neck/hair to get it to match with the shrunk background as much as possible. 4) Mask away (with a soft brush) the edges of the head layer to make it consistent with the shrunk background.”

natalie portman bobblehead

emma watson bobblehead

mila kunis bobblehead

See the mischievous handiwork of samuelorsaumell here.

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