Photo Series ‘Amazing Worlds within Our World’ Featuring Everyday Objects

sugar macro

Macro photography always has the power to open-up new worlds to us. Photographer Pyanek did exactly this as he shot photographs of everyday, mundane objects, but because of the extreme close-ups, transformed them into objects that are practically unrecognizable. Pages of books, sugar, bags of tea, or a sponge just to name a few, seen at extremely high magnification turn these objects into very interesting looking stuff, rendering some of them even nearly unidentifiable.

macro photo

A video of the series entitled Amazing Worlds within Our World shows the entire series and why not try and see how many of the mega-enlarged objects you can identify.  For those captivated by the collection, you can examine them even more closely.

macro photography

Pyanek is making them available for download, and he in addition made the music score, (which he wrote himself) also available. Should you decide to download the photos, take into consideration sending Pyanek a donation via PayPal, which would surely be much appreciated by the artist.

macro photographer

For Amazing Worlds within Our World, Pyanek’s gear consisted of a Canon T3i (600D/Kiss X5) with the kit lens reversed, HeliconFocus for focus stacking, Adobe Lightroom and Exposure 5 for editing. Need we say that he is multi-talented, since he also composed the music bed?

macro photography everyday object

Among the many images that appear in Amazing Worlds Within Our World are: a Kitchen sponge, an apple stalk, an ‘X’ key on a computer, a  teabag, spaghetti, a serrated knife, a screw, a match, lipstick, an incense stick, corrugated fiberboard, a cornflake, a brass key, book pages, a beach stone, a ballpoint pen and some soap bubbles.

See the series made available by Pyanek for the general public, either for downloading, viewing, and/or sharing here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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