Photo Series: Art of Farmland, A Journey into Abstract Realism

dark skies dry fields

When you hear the word, “farmlands”, I’m quite certain you won’t picture these images in your head. In these beautiful, if not ethereal landscape images, photographer Lisa Wood flawlessly blends a mix of minimal landscapes, abstract elements and brilliant color combinations. The collection, called Art of Farmland, depicts the stunning countryside of the artist’s place of birth in Sun Valley, Idaho. A very close examination by viewers of the visually dramatic images, however, reveals more than just exquisitely photographed vistas.

rural landscape

“My artistic/photographic focus is in Abstract Realism. I am drawn to the convergence of hyper-realism and the abstract, especially when it comes to the landscape. I live in rural Idaho and through this series Art of Farmland, my hope is for the viewer to look at rural landscape in a different way and to hopefully appreciate both the imagination behind the images and the moods they evoke.”

blue skies green landscape

Wood alters a mundane everyday daily scene into a beautifully surreal photograph with the use of time-lapse photography and multiply exposures. While the merging of these techniques has been done before by various photographers, the results are still unique. Wood says, “My hope for the viewer is to look at rural landscapes in a different way and to hopefully appreciate both the imagination behind the images and the moods they evoke. With an objective to “create something dramatic as a result of its simplicity”, photographer Lisa Wood captures these beautifully unreal photographs. The artist masterfully blends geometric lines and patterns with audacious, lively colors to create these vivid compositions.

minimal landscapes art of landscape

Woods elaborates on her passion for the outdoors,

“I love the natural beauty of landscape photography but also the unique visions found in digital art. My images combine the two, moving along the plane toward one end or the other. I live in Sun Valley, Idaho and I am the mother of two wonderful boys who keep me very busy when I am not working.”

house on minimal rural landscape

rows of fields blue skies

rural landscape flowing clouds

dramatic skies landscape

See how Woods translates these words into visual art over at her website.

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