Photo Series Captured During Cross-Country Road Trips

Grand Prismatic Spring

Reuben Wu may seem like your typical band member on the road, but that is before you get to see his pictures. As a member of a band called Ladytron, Wu who is both a DJ and photographer took some amazing shots while touring, capturing images that look astoundingly professional. What is even more surprising is to find out that Wu shoots a lot with a Polaroid.

Nevada landscape

He finds immense gratification in making a print while still on location. Wu also dabbles in other formats, such as on 4×5 film, 35mm, medium format, and digital. “The pictures show the marks of a journey,” said the DJ, “and to me embody the idea of a souvenir which needs to be cared for on a journey.”

Badlands polaroid

He selects his photoshoot sites based on an old wish list he has kept all these years. He also consults online resources for worthwhile places to visit and photograph. For example, the iconic Devil’s Tower popularized in many classic westerns, as well as the more recent Spielberg classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kin, was always on his list.

Yellowstone seascape

Wu also gives in to a lot of spontaneity while on the road. This recent rip took him from Chicago all the way to San Francisco, both ways.  The many places in between such as the Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming and the South Dakota Badlands gave Wu a lot of material to work with as well. If you will also look closely at his work, you will see a nearly obscured human figure in the distance. These are Wu’s versions of selfie’s, and they are intricately planned shots that you can go figure out if you can.

Dante's View, Death Valley landscape
Dante’s View, Death Valley

Besides that, his pictures are all conspicuously devoid of people. He offered an explanation for this creative call, saying,

“For me, the experience of these naturally beautiful places is dulled by the presence of crowds—and the only way to fully experience them is when everyone has gone home. Under these conditions, navigating and photographing can be difficult, dangerous and require some planning, so I use a dashboard GPS and my iPad mini to help me map my journey in the dark, and also my iPhone to work out when and where the moon will make an appearance (my only source of light).”

landscape Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

See the amazing imagery created by Ladytrons resident DJ over here.

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Patricia Ramos

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