Photo Series Captures the Friendship between a Young Girl and Her Cat

girl and cut playing with puppets
A few days ago, I said that “You would be hard pressed to come across a relationship more adorable than a boy and his dog.” Well, I say the same for a girl and her cat. Russian photographer Andy Prokh is an economist by day, however it’s his passion for photography that has made him an Internet sensation as of late. With the help of his four-year-old daughter Catherine and their six-year-old British Shorthair tomcat Lilu, Prokh has amassed a priceless collection of photographs that capture the friendship and love between two of his family members.

cat and little girl playing chess

While dogs are depicted as being sweet, smart and obedient, cats are seen more as mischievous and naughty (see also Tom and Jerry). Still, we love these stories anyway because they have a certain charm to them.

cat and young girl reading books

All the photos included in the series have a grungy treatment to them and any hobbyist would be able to tell that there is some degree of compositing via Photoshop, but don’t let that detract from what is clearly a special bond between pet and owner.

cat in stroller beside young girl reading

The pair is photographed doing everything from painting, to playing chess, to reading and even playing with puppets. It’s an adorable assortment of images that would make a wonderful addition to any family photo album. Heck, it’s well worth a separate album with a designated spot on the shelf.

cat painting portrait of young girl

People who have extremely close ties to their pets would be able to fully appreciate the series, especially those who have had the pleasure of working with their furry friends on ‘photoshoots’. Our beloved companions can be quite the divas, and so timing plays a huge part in successfully capturing them doing silly things while still remaining in character.

cat moving chess piece with mouth

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Visit Prokh’s website to see more photos of Catherine and Lilu as well as the other members of The Gang.

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Patricia Ramos

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