Photo Series Captures the World Behind the Power Grid

power grid

Every time we do something at home or in the workplace, it most likely involves using generated energy. And yet we know so little of how and where these megawatts of power are produced. Swiss photographer Luca Zanier decided to give us an up close and personal look into these gigantic power plants through a series called Space and Energy.

power grid photo series

Zanier shot over fifty various kinds of power generation grid systems, ranging from nuclear power plants, coal-fired power stations, as well as storages for nuclear waste, in addition to other energy systems over a two year period.

space and energy

Concentrating on colors and shapes, Zanier is able to create some abstract geometric photos that seem to be straight out of an X-Men movie saga. It is also overwhelming, knowing that most of modern life as we know it is dependent on these super grids, a much overlooked and perhaps underappreciated industry. Zanier’s Space and Energy is a much overdue series that can serve to educate the general public on this modern, indispensible utility.

space and energy photo series

We see in the collection extensive spaces, long walkways, wide sluices, vague signs, and endless but colorful wires, cables and pipes. These are the inner bowels of the hidden maze of power plants, water supply utilities, and oil refineries that allow daily life to grind on and on, never skipping a beat.

photo series power grid rooms

Zanier wrote of his intentions for the series.

“My intention is to capture these plants on film in an artistic manner. Pure information is in the background. The idea is more about perspectives, colours and shapes. What I am proposing is to dissipate technology into aesthetics, at least to a certain extent. Only the caption will remind the beholder of what he or she is contemplating: A highly complex system whereof our modern life depends. Energy systems which serve us and, at the same time, can threaten us.”

power grid room

See the fascinating Space and Energy over on his website.

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