Photo Series Captures Young Girl Exploring Different Worlds Made Up of Only One Color

white world young girl

Photographer Adrien Broom‘s The Color Project is a celebration of the wonderful colors that make-up a rainbow.  It is an eight-part series of images exploring “the world of color as seen through the eyes of a little girl.” To help get this ambitious project off the ground, Broom went over to the folks over on Kickstarter to help fund her campaign.

girl facing telephone booth

girl looking at sea creatures

The photo series starts off with a little freckle-faced girl waking up one morning, finding herself in a room that is totally absent of almost any color. All has turned into a stark white. Plates, bunnies, clouds, computer keyboards, doves, chef hats, cakes and the moon, marshmallows, the lamp, a clock…everything. After she explores the white room, she sees a door that when opened, leads her to her first discovery; the wonderful World of Red.  The make-believe series’ plot has the girl explore the different rooms of the house. As she does this, she discovers a different color in each room.

girl hiding in treasure chest

exploration worlds of color

In the scenes that reveal each color, the sets are meticulously designed to uniquely represent every shade’s theme. Each one is exceptionally detailed. It takes about a month to style every color. This superbly inventive series also has a short film production version in the pipeline, and a kid’s storybook as well as prints of every monochromatic room will be made available for purchase. The Color Project is a work in progress, and has for a finale, the young girl ultimately encountering the full color spectrum of a rainbow.

girl exploring worlds of color

girl surrounded by sunflowers

Broom, is an award winning photographer based in New Haven, Connecticut. She is a natural, with no formal training in photography. She earned a bachelor’s degree in computer animation from Northeastern University, and took up fine arts in Florence, Italy, as well as art history in the Christie’s Education program in London. The concept behind The Color Project hopes to bring us back to a time of discovery as children, as we once marveled with awe and delight at the simple joy of beholding color.  Broom’s fine art photography often explores themes of childhood fantasy.

yellow world

red world young girl

Go over to her website to see her impressive collection along with the enchanting The Color Project.

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