Photo Series Compares the Body Types of Elite Athletes


From lean and svelte to muscular and defined, the myriad of body types are practically endless. Whether mesomorph, ectomorph, or endomorph, we all fall into one of these body types. A mesomorph is someone that is generally muscular. If you are typical mesomorph you perhaps are the envy in the gym since you can increase your muscle size easily. An ectomorph body type on the other hand is slim. Ectomorphs are usually tall and slender and have trouble gaining weight. Check out fashion models. Finally, an endomorph body type is curvaceous. The curves of an endomorph are akin to that of a Coke bottle. So which one are you?

howard schatz athlete

Since the beginning of time we have been obsessed with the the perfect human form. Although the ideal is always changing, one constant is the symmetry and balance of the human body. This is precisely what is exemplified in Howard Schatz’s Athlete series.

howard schatz athlete photo series

Schatz pictures display the different versions of the ideal body, as exemplified by some of the most elite athletes in the world. Schatz’s series showcases 125 champion athletes compiled in a book, Athlete, done in collaboration with his better half, Beverly Ornstein, who is an award-winning producer and senior editor.

athlete photo series

In Athlete, Schatz photographs the many versions of the well-developed human physique. Bodybuilders with swelling muscles, ultra-lean distance runners, long-legged jumpers, huge wrestlers and petite gymnasts are all featured in Athletes.

photo series howard schatz

These highly conditioned individuals are at the pinnacle of fitness representing the ideal body needed to be competitive in their respective sporting events. What you see are very different body types, much like an expansion of how a mesomorph, endomorph or ectomorph would look like.

athlete howard schatz

Schatz’ work has been exhibited in museums and photography galleries around the globe and is included in various private collections. He has been recognized with international acclaim for his work, which has been published in close to 20 monographs.

See some images from Schatz’ Athletes here.

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