Photo Series ‘Eagle Faction’ is a Treat for Gamers

three men holding guns wearing battle gear

If the words Call of Duty and Battlefield pique your interest, this photo series entitled Battle Faction by photographer and digital artist Terrence Blanton should be a treat for you. While video games are incredibly realistic and true to life nowadays, there’s no substitute for seeing your team members and maps in the flesh so to speak.

man on the move holding guns

man holding gun with dilapidated plane in background

man holding gun wearing battle gear

It is every gamer’s fantasy to see his/her character in greater detail, fully decked out in battle gear. He enlisted the help of a local Airsoft team to bring his idea to life. The characters were shot on green screen before being composited into the final scenes. The fictional story is pretty straightforward—a team of burly men save America after a would-be invasion that takes place in 2023.

man holding gun green screen

man kneeling holding gun

The full synopsis reads,

“They said 2012 would be the end… It was just the beginning.

The world has changed. Years of war and economic uncertainty have taken a toll on America.

With national debts across the globe rising and new markets emerging in Asia, the Chinese government, in an effort to continue its economic growth, form an alliance of trade partners to ensure that it has consumers for its massive industrial sectors.

With these new markets available and the United States unable to pay its debt, the Asian Trade Alliance places an embargo on selling goods to the U.S. until interest payments are made. The Defense Department is merely a reflection of itself, only a few bases remain and most of the Navy’s vessels are mothballed. Without warning, a food-borne disease is discovered in processed foods, several are affected but many more face imminent starvation. FEMA is overwhelmed and the U.S. is forced to ask the United Nations for help. In a bold move, the U.N. Security Council, led by the Chinese and Russian Governments, offer medical and food aid under the authority of a U.N. task force of peacekeepers that will enforce a new police state to control the situation. The President has no choice and without consulting Congress agrees to the terms of the pact.

Before the summer of 2023, hundreds of thousands of Pakistani and Indonesian aid workers pour into the nation along with foreign peacekeepers. With their arrival a new radical Islamic caliphate emerges with its ultimate goal to claim America for itself. Freedoms only hope is a group of former soldiers and outdoorsmen who band together for the common goal of fighting back the oppression in hopes of seeing a free America again. They are Eagle Faction. “

man holding gun taking aim

man in headgear and glasses holding gunman camouflaged holding rifle

Fadewood Studios and the same Airsoft group are already planning their next project together with either a modern war setting or a continuation of the Eagle Faction series.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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