Photo Series ‘Little Folk’ by Talented 14-Year-Old Photographer Zev

little kid sketching himself

When outstanding talent comes along, it is unmistakable. Zev, also known as fiddle oak, is rather abundantly blessed with an inimitable flair behind the camera and with his post editing work. The 14-year-old from Natick, Massachusetts exhibits a rare capacity for the medium that is well beyond his age. He is perhaps one of the youngest to display skills that could be mistaken to be from a more seasoned and adult lens man. His concepts also show a maturity and vision that is not usually associated with someone barely into his teens.

Little Folk is Zev’s playful series that masterfully toys around with size, proportion, and dimensions, resulting in some magical images. With himself as one of the models, Zev creates a fairytale type of reality, reducing himself to an elf-like character, impishly exploring a human sized world.

little kid on raft lit by candles


little kid magnifying glass

It is a surreal series, amazing from execution all the way to its editing. Zev also displays decent acting chops as one of the mischievous looking little creatures, gallivanting around a house and backyard. He can be seen airborne with two quills in each hand as wings, playing with a fiddle perched atop a small rock that appears more like a cliff, and inside an eaten acorn, comfortable seated. It is no doubt a mystical world, and Zev’s visuals convincingly sell his concepts with amazing credibility. The photography community is certainly taking notice of this young prodigy.  In fact, he has already collaborated with Joel Robinson, one of the current masters of surreal themes.

Robinson himself expresses his enthusiasm and stamp of approval for Zev’s artistry, reacting to the result of their combined work, saying,

“Zev this is so awesome!!! Like I had an idea of how awesome it would be but this is just about a million times more awesome! I’m so happy that we were finally able to do a collaboration together and that both of our ideas came together so seamlessly! Hopefully one day we can do collaboration in person!”

little kid with arms outstretched

little kid on the ground

little kid with wings

Zev claims in his flickr account that he is lonely and would love to receive flickrmail. Of course, this must have been said is jest. It would be hard to imagine this kid being in any kind of isolation, considering the attention he is getting these days. See this young sensation’s work here.

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Patricia Ramos

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