Photo Series ‘Memoirs of Lost Time’ Journeys Back to Childhood Dreams and Imagination

vikram kushwah

It really seems like the floodgates of surrealism have been unleashed on photography. Ever since the power of digital shooting and manipulation have been a available, photographers have dwelled on the dreamlike, otherworldly, bizarre and yes, the surreal. Perhaps a hundred years from now people will look back as this being a period of ‘photo surrealism’ in the history of photography, and refer to the purveyors of the style as ‘surrealists’. One such indulgence into the oft used style and theme is Memoirs of Lost Time.

vikram kushwah photo series

The unreal series is an exploration and journey back to childhood dreams and imagination. It is a collaborative effort involving photographer Vikram Kushwah and writer, researcher and fashion designer Trisha Sakhlecha.

photo series vikram kushwah

Memoirs of Lost Time is driven by the idealistic and romantic notions that characterize the innocence of childhood memories. It also tries to capture the dreamlike nature they exude.  Memoirs of Lost Time attempts to take you on an absorbing photographic and literary journey, and does so quite successfully. The series is quite personal in nature, being biographical.

vikram kushwah memoirs of lost time

The website of photographer Kushwah further explained the themes that pervade the series,

“Stories evocative of the intimate moments and bygone days of these personalities are embellished with wondrously staged pictures featuring the subjects themselves. Each chapter takes you into the personal and never seen before world of one of these personalities with a short story, an insightful interview and photographs, weaving in and out of reality, where you start beginning to drift into a realm of imaginative possibilities and yet remain attached to the facts that were. Wonder, like curiosity, can make seemingly impossible things happen; it’s time for wishful thinking to have its due.”

vikram kushwah memoirs of lost time photo series

This quote refers to the visual narratives created by the pair based on the stories of several different personalities. The photos have solitary adults in surreal scenarios, such as a woman taking flight with carnival balloons lifting her up in a suitcase, or another woman with half her body peering out of a concealed compartment hidden in bookcases. The pictures are treated to look old prints, paling a bit and all glossed over with a haze that is common to aging prints. Like all surreal projects, it is highly personal to the creators, with undertones that delve deep into their subconscious thoughts.

photo series vikram kushwah memoirs of lost time

See the emotionally charged Memoirs of Lost Time here.

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