Photo Series ‘Minimize’ Shows Tiny Inhabitants in a Fictional World Made of Everyday Objects

ice cream cone icebergs

Architect and photographer William Kass captivates as he creates his own kind of Lilliput. He builds his own version of little people in a whimsical world that has ordinary objects and food items blended with miniature people that go about their extraordinary or mundane, make-believe lives. Kass imaginatively put together his daily scenes with unlikely props such as ice cream cones, pasta, eating utensils, matches, a bar of Kit-Kats and even some sushi. With these food items as his sets, Kass then adds his minuscule human figurines to assemble his fictional world of tiny inhabitants.

roller coaster pasta

He combines toy figures with an assortment of regular sized objects to make an illusion of large scale, despite very small space. Kass composes each scene for his camera with what is clearly a huge amount of patience and creativity, and captures the ideal angles and perspectives in order to depict his little stories.

coconut field

Whether his little creatures are scaling a dangerously steep ear of corn, frolicking in water under a shower head, or fishing for large sushi, his thoroughly and minutely detailed scenarios are both bewildering as well as captivating to view. Quite aptly, Kass calls this collection Minimize.

corn building

This fanciful and whimsical concept creates a bizarre and dreamlike look that makes it seem like the photographs are part of an incredibly strange hallucination. Surreal art is certainly one of the cleverest of art forms since it is both captivating as well as thought-provoking. The make-believe world that Kass creates is without doubt a superb example of everyday object art.

brush field

The idea of using these benign objects and transcending their ordinary existence is brilliant. They remarkably transform into works of art. Minimize is a series that will surely have you transfixed at the collection, wondering how Kass worked his magic.

ballerina with water drops

Visit his website to see more of his extraordinary work or check out this video to see the kind of effort put in by Kass to create these tiny scenes.

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Patricia Ramos

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