Photo Series ‘Morning Views From The Tent’ Offers Unique Perspective on Landscape Photography


Picture this: You wake up in your tent and as you unzip the front, you are greeted by an incredible mountain sunrise, with a frosty stream below and wonderful blue skies above. This what photographer Oleg Grigoryev does as he takes us with him into the mountains in his Morning Views From The Tent collection, wherein the Russian lensman frames picturesque mountain photos with his visible legs and tent entrance.

oleg grigoryev

This playful series of photographs features Grigoryev’s view from the inside of a tent. The unique travel series offers a distinctive glimpse of the Tajikistan landscape from the eyes of an avid adventurer traversing the Fann Mountains. Grigoryev shot these photos from campsites that were up to 4,700 meters above sea level. The range has huge mountains that extend up to 5.5 km above sea level. No wonder we see Grigoryev’s legs taking a brief respite in every photo, as they must have taken a brutal workout!

landscape photo

His weary legs lead our eyes forward, and through the oval entrance of each tent, then further outward towards the dramatic scenery. The observant eye will also spy supplies, backpacks, other tents, as well as shoes littered throughout the series. The vivid, colorful tents inventively frame the scenes and invites viewers as they are catapulted and drawn into the photographs. It was as if we, too, were part of the camping trip.

landscape photo from tent

The first person vantage point, along with the tent and camping equipment, gives us a sensation as if we were there enjoying the magnificent sights along with Grigoryev, minus the laborious foot trek itself. The majority of his images were shot at an altitude of over 10000 feet, a lofty place high enough to induce altitude sickness. That’s probably why Grigoryev could not resist having his feet be an integral part of the pictures.

landscape photo view

morning view landscape photo

landscape photo morning view

See the incredible collection here.

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