Photo Series of Food and Flowers Arranged According to Color

emily blincoe

Color is frequently the initial element that our senses perceive in the appearance of a food item.  People begin to relate certain colors with a variety of types of foods from as early as birth, and associate these colors to certain flavors and tastes for an entire lifetime. For instance, we may expect yellow cake to have a lemon or banana flavor or red bread to have a strawberry or cherry taste. When it comes to fresh foods like vegetables and fruits, we also look at the color to verify their level of freshness, ripeness or oldness.

emily blincoe food

When the color of a food item does not meet our expectations, we may perceive its taste and flavor in a different way. Photographer Emily Blincoe explores this theme of food and color, but in a different way in a series she just released. It is an amusing and delectable image collection featuring food and plants grouped by shades.

emily blincoe flower photography

In the series, the Nashville-based Blincoe creates a hodgepodge of oranges, tomatoes, eggs and even some delicious sweets with every color variation of that food. Blincoe expertly arranges the food in such a way that that the various sizes and colors form textures and subtle color pitches.


Blincoe’s work is ostensibly inspired by shapes, colors, faces, light as well as calm moments. Based on her images, Blincoe has a thing for organizing and grouping. She indulges this inclination when she is not busy working on commissions for magazines or her other A-list clients.

egg colors

She painstakingly arranges food by their prime colors, and then plays around with subtle hues in between. Name it, from tomatoes, ice-cream and green leafy vegetables, no food is spared by Blincoe.

egg shells

Her clients include prominent establishments, companies and brands like Mercedes, GAP, Target, Heineken, Samsung and even Ebay just to name some. Her out of the ordinary, offbeat photos have enticed a large fan base on Instagram and Tumblr, and many of her works are available as prints.

See her playful work and other images in her website.

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