Photo Series of Imaginative Worlds of Children Captured Underwater

alix martinez

Children submerged in water is never a comforting thought, unless you are Photographer Alix Martinez who has been shooting portraits of kids for years with her own twist added to the subject. Although Martinez shoots conventional images of kids, she makes her trademark with shots of children while they are underwater. With the help of some cooperative children, Martinez is able to make fun, inventive scenarios underwater where kids can be seen doing otherwise mundane activities; playing golf, drinking tea, playing dress up and even dancing ballet.

alix martinez water

“I have always loved photographs that display ripples and reflections,” commented Martinez recently. “There’s something magical and beautiful when water is photographed. Since I am a children’s photographer, I am always trying to come up with ideas to photograph them in a unique way.”

water alix martinez

Executing these under water scenes while amusing to look at, are certainly not easy to mount. Martinez shared that the first time she attempted working underwater, she nearly drowned as she was trying to get the perfect shot.  “Underwater photography can be quite difficult especially with little subjects. The first time I almost drowned because I saw a shot I did not want to miss….” Thankfully that did not deter her as she finds the challenges are well worth the results.

alix martinez water photo series

“It is so rewarding when you look at your images,” said Martinez. “When I started, I could only hold my breath for 25 seconds and now I feel like a marine going under for two minutes.”

photo series alix martinez water

See Martinez’s inventive submerged series here. It is a delightful concept and her remarkable photos will immerse you not just in water but in a world of fun and child-like imagination. Martinez simply but aptly called the series Water and it persuades viewers to pursue in their own imaginations while also “appreciating the qualities of the surrounding element.”

Alix Martinez underwater

Visit his website to see more of his work.

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