Photo Series of Melancholic Landscapes Inspired by Fairy Tales

Kilian Schonberger nature

Who would ever think that an eye impairment would actually work for one’s ability to create the visually stunning. “I am colourblind and I can‘t distinguish green and red, “claims Kilian Schoenberger, undoubtedly one of the finest contemporary landscape photographers, as evidenced by his fabulous work.

Kilian Schonberger mountain

Schoenberger has been no stranger to the woods and has always been fascinated by strange landscapes and their enigmatic spots. His images from the Dolomites in northeast Italy to the chilly iceberg lakes of Iceland are all monumental testaments to the greatness of the natural world.

The German lensman also made use of the melancholic landscape to create a series inspired by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Using images taken from remote rural areas of Middle Europe, Schoenberger’s photographs convey a lonely tranquility that is both beautiful and eerie.   His exceptional work is even more impressive when you realize he is colorblind.

Kilian Schonberger mountain snow

Prior to printing any of his pictures, he will typically rely on a friend to go through the colors of a particular image, since as he says, “colors are always a gambling game for me.” This handicap, however, is not always disadvantageous, such as in his forest photography.  Schoenberger explains, “I don’t have to separate singular colors visually and can totally concentrate on the structure for a convincing image composition.”

Kilian Schonberger waterscaoe

Schoenberger is also a geographer, which explains his special affinity for all sorts of topography. While growing up as a child in the large woodland area, he developed his unusual taste in dark and poignant sceneries. His lifestyle have been also been influenced by his closeness to nature and its magical attributes.

waterfall Kilian Schonberger

He elaborates through his profile, his thoughts on photography and its transcendent effect on his life. “Others are doing yoga – I am ascending mountains in the darkness of the night. Immersing in my own tranquil world step by step. The stoic rhythm of hiking through the gloom – the gently looming dawn and finally the satisfying moment when I reach my final location.”

Kilian Schonberger boat outdoors

See his hauntingly beautiful images here.

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