Photo Series ‘Rapid Bloom’ Shows Delicate Flowers Exploding

rapid bloom photo series

German photographer Martin Klimas has built quite a reputation for his creative expressions of various bursting objects. Martin’s latest project was just unveiled, called Rapid Bloom. The new “explosions” features delicate and beautiful flowers shattering to pieces, all in vibrant, stunning color. Klimas intention is to depict the flower in its entirety, and with one solitary shot, show it simultaneously in full bloom transforming into an intriguing image of abstract art.

rapid bloom explosion of flowers

With this collection, Rapid Bloom, he merges photography with a kind of science experiment.  His frenzied creations fill the picture frame in their irony of beauty and violent disintegration of a hastened flower blossoming. For the perfect disintegrating effect, Klimas drops the blossoms into a special substance to cause them to be as easily broken as eggs, after which he subjects them to a violent process.

rapid bloom

Klimas uses an extraordinary technique to create these unique images. First, he immerses the flowers in liquid nitrogen to freeze them and so they become brittle and fragile just like glass. Once treated, he then shoots the flowers from the back, not with a camera, but with an air-pistol. The result: images that are incredibly absorbing with their distinctive and abstract beauty.

exploding flowers

Martin is able to capture the mesmerizing rupture and precise moment as the flowers explode. This procedure takes up many days. As an artist, Klimas “explores this process in accelerated fashion, capturing the moment when the entirety of the flower can be seen, from the sum and position of its parts and at th.e same time the explosion of them. Martin is particularly interested in the merging of the inward and outward form of the resulting object, as well as transcending the idea of “flower/blossom” and attaining a new, almost abstract, form.”

rapid bloom exploding flowers

exploding flowers rapid bloom

See how explosive flowers look like, as created by Martin Klimas in Rapid Bloom here.

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