Photo Series Shows What It Would Be Like If Mermaids Lived Among Us

mermaid in snow

With Christmas just over, it isn’t far-fetched to assume that images of Santa Claus are still fresh in most people’s minds. Perhaps a character just as enigmatic as Santa would be the mermaid. Stories of this sea bound beauty have captivated us for centuries, and children are especially taken by tales of this ocean creature that is half-fish, half woman. Czech photographer Hana Vojackova is obviously one such individual, with the difference of having a camera to bring images of imagined mermaids to life. She calls the series Milk & Sea.

milk and sea mermaid in bus stop

What she does with her series is strikingly different. Odd as the subject already is, Vojackova adds a special twist by placing this fantasy creature in real world scenarios. She also added an international flavor to the series, by using various models from the different countries she visited.  Her ‘mermaids’ are thus from many international destinations that are as interesting as her theme:  Germany, Portugal, England, Iceland, Sicily, and the Czech Republic. Vojackova humanizes her mermaid, placing her in everyday situations all around Europe.

milk and sea photo series

photo series milk and sea

She recently explained her concept of the series,

“The project Milk & Sea is a photographic exploration of how to connect these mythical females to the real world; what could mermaids’ stories be if the mermaids were living now in contemporary conditions? Where would they live? What would they do? Who would they actually be …..?

Although earlier portrayals of mermaids for movies or pictorials had models or actresses wearing fish tail prosthetics, the tails of Vojackova that look convincingly real are the product of post processing.  It involves an intricate process that took six months to create. Vojackova also spoke of the way it was done. “The “fishy lower halves” are created in postproduction. I photographed the girls in leggings and then created the shape of the tail in a computer in 3D. After that I photographed various fish skin and scales and created the textures.”

photo series milk and sea

milk and sea mermaid

See the thought-provoking series here.

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