Photographer and Canyoneer Explores the Grand Canyon National Park, Captures Breathtaking Views

grand canyon national park

Dan Ransom is a multi-talented artist in both film and photography, and is passionate canyoneer who works out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Ransom is essentially a landscape photographer who often features mountains, canyons, and deserts in his many works. He exhibits an obvious passion for the great outdoors and is particularly hooked on hiking.

grand canyon national park landscape

Capturing his many breathtaking images also reveals a keen sense for knowing the outdoors, familiar with just the right weather, sunlight, and other ideal situations to shoot idyllic shots.

For instance his summer image of wildflowers blanketing the alpine basins is a picture that is so vibrant, vivid and unbelievably clear. One can’t help but notice the sea of yellow flowers punctuated by the purple varieties that stand out in contrast to each other.

grand canyon national park landscape

Then there is the September shot panorama of Teklanika River Valley in Denali National Park as a storm begins to clear. The image mimics a painting of something either mystical or even divine, with its amazing depth of field, from the distant mountain to all the trees in the foreground in lucid focus.

grand canyon national park flowers

Then there is that inadvertently breathtaking image of the Canyon, which accidentally captured Noriega in the distance as he set his gear into time-lapse mode. He can be seen standing at the edge of the cliff. The orange hues of the canyon on the left reflect either a setting or rising sun, as the gigantic canyon edges frame the tiny river down below.

grand canyon national park lightning

Current and later trips have taken Noriega and camera to the canyons of Death Valley, the Colorado Plateau, Nepal, Ouray, and the Grand Canyon. He also has been featured in articles in Outside Magazine and Backpacker.  Donning his filmmaker hat, his newest film is a short entitled Last of the Great Unknown, a story chronicling a team of canyoneers as they travel around the technical slot canyons of Grand Canyon National Park.

For a taste of the outdoorsy work of Noriega, go over to his website.

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