Photographer Captures Absolutely Stunning Macro Photography of Insects in His Own Backyard

nordin seruyan

Macro photography gives us a passport into worlds that would otherwise be impossible for us to observe. This insect photography series by Nordin Seruyan is one such example, showcasing tiny creatures familiar to us, but looking quite different in all their minute detail. Shot in the gardens of Southeast Asia, Seruyan took the macro shots in his own home backyard which is located in Central Borneo, Indonesia.

nordin seruyan snail

Some of the creatures captured like snails and grasshoppers are well-known to most of us, but the other insects are unique to that tropical region. Those insects have odd features such as two sets of eyes and fluffy yellow bodies.

insect nordin seruyan

Although some may be predator looking, they are visually beautiful in their brilliantly colored garden habitat. Seruyan shot the images with a superior zoom and picked up the beautiful flowers each bug was perched upon with amazing detail.

frog nordin seruyan

The flowers are replete with lovely colors of purple and pink, which blend with the distinctively colored bugs. Praying mantises, chubby caterpillars, fragile dragonflies, hairy spiders, and delightful snails dwell in a minuscule world filled with grass, sparkling dewdrops, and supple flower petals. All the vivacious colors of the photos add to the wonderful and fanciful look of the photographs in the collection.

nordin seruyan snail

Seruyan’s love and fervor for the little insects is quite evident in his collective work. On Seruyan’s photography page, he invites viewers everywhere to be grateful for the diversity as well as simple treats that emanate from Mother Nature, encouraging all of us to “discover the beauty of the little world here.” While his web pages are not written in English, his work speaks volumes for him in a much more universal language.

nordin seruyan macro

macro nordin seruyan

nordin seruyan macro photo

nordin seruyan

Go visit his little world as seen through his lenses here.

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