Photographer Captures Adorable Photos of Kids Against the Spirit of the American Midwest

baby and turtle

Children have always been one of the most popular subjects that captivate both photographers and viewers. Jake Olson is particularly good at capturing these little darlings. The Nebraska-based graphic artist not only has an adorable collection of kid’s images, but he does it while also capturing the spirit of the American Midwest. Olson has made a reputation for himself for outstanding outdoor and natural light photos, but he also is equally adept at shooting captivating photos of young children and animals in the warmth and embrace of open space.

bulldog and baby

No special effects are necessary here, as the great outdoors and the adorable kids provide more than enough magic.  There is much to be celebrated in these splendid images of innocent children frolicking in the dirt roads and expansive open fields of a typical countryside in Nebraska.

child against landscape

Olson does not have any professional training as a photographer, and he started the hobby quite late.  He initially took up photography at the age of 38 in 2011, which just comes to show that it is never too late to start something. When he shared his work in his Facebook account, he received an overwhelmingly positive response. This prompted him to take things to the next level, shooting portraits professionally. Much to his surprise, he was besieged with clients, and the rest is another success story.

children playing


According to Olson, he believes that everything in the world is beautiful as long as we take the time to look closely.  It is fulfilling for him “to take normal, everyday subjects and transform them into enchanting images focused on breathtaking light and color.” It easy to believe this work philosophy, especially when you see his work of these little tots from Nebraska.




The series is just simple adorable, as you can plainly see here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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