Photographer Captures Colorful series Where Fluid Elements Mimic High Fashion

iain crawford

London-based photographer Iain Crawford perfected the way to capture the splash of paint on a model’s body, manipulating the liquid to mimic clothing shapes. This project is reminiscent of the series done not too long ago by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. Wieczorkiewicz combined beautiful nude models with perfectly placed gallons of milk and water, also making the illusion of apparel made out of liquid.

iain crawford paint

According to Crawford in his version, once the paint is released on the models, it’s all boils down to split second timing, capturing the splash at the most precise moment. “The resulting shapes are as opulent as any piece of bespoke couture,” remarked Crawford. As the paint (or sometimes powder) splashes, the models maintain their haute couture, high fashion attitudes, resulting in some rather exotic images. Growing up in Malaysia and Africa, Crawford says he aims to look for ‘graphical symmetry in chaos’. In this series, he referred to the anticipation of each splash as being “electric” as he waited to see each image’s outcome with bated breath.

 iain crawford paint portrait

Crawford is a beauty and fashion photographer with quite an impressive portfolio. His works are extremely creative and colorful, abundant with his own personal style. Much of his work has a retro feeling that reminds one of 60’ and 70’ style magazine covers, while some works can be very contemporary looking. More on Crawford is offered in his website, as quoted in part below.

iain crawford paint series

“On moving to London, he worked as an account handler for Saatchi & Saatchi but left to pursue his photographic career. After spending several years living and working in New York, he is now based back in London but continues to work internationally. Iain loves to capture images that have a strong graphic and textural quality, often searching out the graphical symmetry in chaos, while still maintaining the personality and emotion of the subject. His career has lead him to shoot campaigns for many of the world’s top brands and receive commissions from a host of top international magazines.”

series iain crawford paint

See his flamboyant and eccentric foray with colorful paint and powder here.

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