Photographer Captures Ethereal Portraits with Subdued Color Palettes

oleg oprisco

Kiev-based photographer Oleg Oprisco is making his presence felt in the growing realm of surreal style photography. Using subdued color palettes, unorthodox props, and strange-looking subjects, he creates images from the ethereal, whimsical to bizarre.

oleg oprisco

The profundity of Oprisco’s style and the idea driving each image, leads one to believe he is deeply in touch with his subconscious. Using predominantly female models, there are consistent ethereal elements found in his photographs. Every image seems to be telling a story, giving the viewer liberty to conjure what he would like to infer into the picture.

oleg oprisco portrait

Each of these images is painstakingly created, as Oprisco meticulously plans every scene, being hands on with everything detail from the props, clothes, and even the makeup. He is an advocate of shooting only in natural light, and uses a medium format film camera. For post-processing, he only uses a minimal amount of color correction. Being quite an old school kind of guy, he is a firm believer in the old adage ‘garbage in, garbage out.’

portrait oleg oprisco

“No amount of post-processing can make a bad photo into a good photo,” says Oprsico, which is why he is a stickler to getting things perfectly in camera. A rather difficult work ethic for the surreal inclined artist. Many modern, current photographers who dabble in dreamlike themes get away with all sorts of effects with Photoshop, but not Oprisco. Skilled as he is, he recently was asked to share his thoughts regarding innate, natural talent and how much a role it plays with most gifted artists.

photo portrait oleg oprisco

“Innate talent is just a 5% of someone’s success rate. 95% of it is hard work. The main enemy of any photographer is laziness. Everyone finds a thousand excuses why things around them are not right, photos are not great, no customers, and if there are customers – they are very bad. It is very important to analyze everything all that has been done; note the successful moments, eliminate errors and shoot, shoot, shoot. Ongoing analysis, clear creative plans and regular practice will help one feel his/her strengths and gradually progress.

oleg oprisco portrait photo series

As soon as the feeling of progressing and belief in success develops, your mind will instantly sparkle with a unique recipe of how to make a complex and interesting frame.”

Being one to share his gifts, Oprisco teaches several workshops each year and is regarded as a fine educator.

See his body of surreal work here.

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