Photographer Captures Extreme Weather Conditions in Stunning Detail


You are going to come up with nothing less than spectacular with your camera, if you happen to be a storm chaser. That is a given fact. Storm chasing, perilous as it is affords the chance to see some of the most terrifying and yet magnificent images of nature’s wrath unleashed, or about to unfold. Storm chasing is another term for a ringside seat when it comes to these horrific weather tantrums. Mike Hollingshead is one such storm chaser who is certainly no stranger to a front row seat in one of these terrific shows.

mike hollingshead

If you need proof of that, just check out the awesome photography he has amassed through the years. Hollingshead makes a profession of shadowing the meanest and baddest storms in America, from voracious tornadoes devouring up Kansas farmlands to intimidating supercell thunderstorms massing ominously over the Dakotas.

mike hollingshead storm

Hollingshead grew up witnessing these beasts of the skies, being a Nebraska- born kid. As a young boy he used to watch the mischievous extreme weather from hills overlooking his hometown. Seeing some pictures published on the internet which he recalls as “crazy storm photos,” Hollingshead knew what he was cut out for. His initiation into storm chasing had him with just a video camera and map as he headed for Iowa in his sedan. Once there it was love at first sight with the wrath of a tornado on that first encounter.

storm mike hollingshead

Fast-forward to today and Hollingshead is still chasing storms 15 years later. Like most in his profession, there is no better way to do it than to get right in the path of harm’s way. Although he brushes aside the inherent dangers, Hollingshead claims it is not as harrowing as it seems since most of the storm is made of heavy rain.

mike hollingshead lightning

“Most storm chasers don’t put themselves in the path [of the storm] … but I like the view there the most,” says Hollingshead in typical bravado.

nature mike hollingshead

See his work of over a decade and a half of chasing nature’s fury here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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