Photographer Captures Fleeting Beauty by Merging Gravity with Liquid Chroma to Create Orchid Shapes

fabian oefner paint

For his newest offering of paint action photography, Fabian Oefner once again captures fleeting beauty by merging gravity with liquid chroma to produce beautiful and delicate orchid shapes. Using the mixture and reactions of natural forces in addition to acrylic paint, amazing flower-like shapes materialize from the fluid substance.

orchid paint fabian oefner

The Swiss artist loads a tank with many layers of different hues and tones. He then fills the top with a coat of either white or black.  His unique technique calls for dropping a small round object directly into the solution. As the falling object plunges, the paint it abruptly comes into contact with splashes and is pushed upwards.

fabian oefner orchid

This force produces the shaping of the mixture of liquefied colors, creating flower-like forms. Using extremely high speed shutter speeds, an image is lastingly captured, preserving a fleeting moment that happens for only a minute millisecond. The result is Oefner’s collection of liquid orchids.

orchid fabian oefner

Oefner shared his thoughts on his work, saying, “Being an artist for me means understanding the world more clearly,” Oefner boasts of an extraordinary professional profile, being a scientist, photographer, as well as artist. It is this background that allows his mind to work in a very specific and logical manner, being able to use a balance of both the scientific and the artistic to create his unique work.

In this video the brilliant Oefner walks us through his creative stream. It is far from perfect, being that of hit and miss. It is through his work as a photographer that he is able to freeze in time the perfect moment. When he does that, all his other unsuccessful efforts become moot. With his photography, he is able to seize an ideal combination of colliding forces, producing his ephemeral liquid orchids.


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Patricia Ramos

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