Photographer Captures His Daughters’ Irresistible Shenanigans

daughter lighting candles on fire

Any doting parent proudly gets behind the camera to photograph their children especially during those wonder years of childhood. Professional wedding and portrait photographer Jason Lee is no different, being the father Kristin and Kayla, his two adorable and camera friendly kids.

daughters standing on espresso machine

But this is no ordinary case of father documenting his children growing up. In November of 2006, Jason’s mother was unfortunately diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which among other things gave her a compromised immunity.With Jason’s young kids being frequently sick with the common cold and cough which is common for youngsters, it was not always wise for them to visit their grandmother. Hence, was born.

sister watering plant sister on ground

It was a way for Jason to share precious moments of his daughter with his mom. Being a professional photographer, Jason naturally pours on the creativity to make extraordinary family portraits.  He puts in generous amounts of time and effort into the setup of each scene, not to mention his talent for lighting. Jason says at least 90% of the shots use artificial lighting which gives his photos a commercial, professional look.

sisters gliding down stairs

Most of the concepts for the shots come from his daughters, Kristin who is eight and Kayla who is five. Their father claims that they are an endless source of ideas, obviously taking after him. The digitally-enhanced photographs of the girls getting in all sorts of fabricated trouble are absolutely adorable. Jason’s images not surprisingly went viral recently, earning him the title of “Creative Dad”.  Jason uses post effects very creatively, such as in the shots where h is girls appear suspended in mid-air or as if flying. The work in progress has been active for nearly eight years and has brought a great deal of joy to not just Jason’s mother, but countless people around the world.

daughter holding up sofa while dad sweeps

The San Francisco, California based Jason is available for his services within the U.S. for weddings, family sessions and creative child portraits. For more information visit JWL Photography, where you can also see the irresistibly cute photos of Kristin and Kayla.

sisters fling pies at each other

See their mischievous escapades here.

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