Photographer Captures Iceland’s Breathtaking Landscapes Using Infrared Photography


UK-based photographer Andy Lee is capable of wearing many creative hats. He is a versatile artist and uses various mediums to express art. In this particular project, he journeyed to Iceland to photograph the barren but captivating landscape. He calls the series Blue Iceland, and he used the not so known technique of infrared photography.

landscape iceland

This method produces some unreal lighting effects, smooth colors, and gradual but distinct contrast that matches quite perfectly with Iceland’s landscape. As breathtaking as Iceland’s natural sights are, most photographers come away from this place with some splendid images, which unfortunately look commonly similar. Lee with infrared photography is able to inject that unusual element that puts a dramatic twist into an otherwise familiar subject matter. If anything ever looked beautifully ethereal, Blue Iceland is it.

blue iceland

Lee’s spectacular photos look like imagery lifted out of Romantic period paintings, due to their melancholic atmosphere and dramatic lighting. Using cameras that pick up infrared light or filters that emphasize infrared wavelengths, Lee was able to achieve a consistent tone in all the photographs.

blue iceland landscape

All DSLR units respond to infrared light, but many have filters installed to diminish it considerably. To get a similar effect to Lee’s images, one would either need to take out the filter or make use of a darkening infrared filter. This method can create some very remarkable, if not unexpected effects as it blocks light from a number of visible wavelengths, while enhancing light from others, in addition to picking up light from wavelengths not visible to the eye.

landscape blue iceland

The results are painting-like photographs such as Lee’s Blue Iceland.  It is a collection that leaves you with an eerie feeling as you look at something familiar but distinctly different. It was as if you were looking at a sister planet earth, familiar in its topography but starkly different in the atmospheric lighting and hues.

landscape blue iceland photo series

blue iceland photo series landscape

blue iceland photo series

See Blue Iceland here.

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