Photographer Captures Long Exposure Images of Choreographed Camera Movements in Photo Series ‘Quanta’

quanta photo series…Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. Genesis 1:3

Even the Bible, the world’s most read of books begins with a reference to light. We are after all, people of the light, both literally and figuratively. Life is sustained by the light, and we are creatures perennially in search of illumination.

UK Photographer Michael Taylor brings us to our core then, via his Lumens series.  Taylor’s subject and theme is light itself. It is a work in progress, a collection wherein different aspects of light are explored in several series’ within Lumen, the umbrella name of the collective works.

quanta photo series

Taylor’s goal is to allow light to reveal itself. Previous collections include Luminescence, Light Trace, and Wave. As an ongoing, lifetime endeavor, Lumen is a growing body of work, and the latest addition to it is Quanta, a still unpublished series of conceptual photographic images of light.

quanta photo series michael taylor

With light again as the subject, the Quanta series was shot by using long exposures of light in a fairground in the South of France. Planned, deliberate camera movements documented the energy of moving light, producing trails, swirls and explosions of luminosity and color.

michael taylor quanta photo series

It is a mesmerizing series that shows light more as an energy force that is pulsating with strength, vigor, and liveliness. Shot in a fairground, the many activities and contraptions helped create these myriad of shapes which are irregular, erratic and recurring all at the same time.  It also demonstrates how light is both constant and yet, extremely volatile.

long exposure

History is replete with people’s captivation in the phenomenon of light, and mankind has always delighted and marveled in it. That holds true to this day, as Taylor pays homage to it through his epic Lumens body of work.

michael taylor quanta long exposure

quanta long exposure michael taylor

quanta long exposure

See the rest of Michael Taylor’s work here.

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