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Koveh Tavakkol’s area of specialty is in travel and landscape images. Tavakkol is totally self-taught, but he shoots beautiful photographs, possessing an incredible eye for composition. He has sojourned to the Himalayan Mountains, travelled the coastlines of New Zealand and ventured into other remote places to shoot amazing landscape images.

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Tavakkol claims to always have had a keen interest and appreciation for the beauty of photography. However it wasn’t until 2008 when he bought his first DSLR camera that he began taking the profession seriously. He purchased a used 40D on Craigslist, and as soon as he cradled it in his palms he knew there was a special connection.

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Tavakkol possessed an appreciation for photography, and he knew he could discern good photos no matter what the subject matter was. In the early days he was not really sure what specific area he wanted to pursue in photography. He experimented a bit with landscape subjects but it didn’t immediately take hold, prompting him to try other things.

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Tavakkol put together a small studio and began some Strobist projects to learn lighting and off-camera flash technique. Ultimately though, his love for the outdoors, traveling and exploring all came together nicely, as landscape photography eventually became his area of specialization.

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He also explains that his passion for landscape photography has many dimensions to it.

“This appreciation goes beyond landscapes, and extends to all types of photography.  I often find myself browsing the popular photography websites, in awe of the incredible moments people have captured.  You can learn a lot by simply studying other beautiful and captivating photographs.”

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For Tavakkol any new destination is a favorite place. He loves traveling and exploring the amazing beauty that can be found all over the globe. He is also not one to keep returning to a favorite place, and would rather spend time exploring or seeing new locations. Visiting different places has given Tavakkol an appreciation for the inimitable beauty each place has to offer.

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See his travels through his amazing photography here.

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