Photographer Captures Married Couple Who Have Been Together for Nearly Six Decades

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Married couples who have stood the test of time and distance are always interesting to photograph because they have a unique dynamic that cannot be replicated. You get to see small gestures that have been repeated hundreds or even thousands of times over the years, so much that they don’t even notice they’re doing it. After almost six decades, there’s not much they don’t know about each other, and it shows in their daily routine, from fixing breakfast to clothing choices. Being able to peer into their lives so closely is a luxury that only a few can enjoy. In this case, the couple’s granddaughter, Italian photographer Marina Rosso, was given the all-access pass to capture special moments in their lives.

She shares on her website:

Licia and Ryan married 57 years ago in a small town next to Udine, Italy. They spent all their lives together and now at the age of 85, things start to be more difficult and the rhythms are slower. All the days look like the others, every movement is a repetitional loop. But this is what keeps them still alive: the idea of being self sufficient and helping each other.

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These intimate portraits of her loved ones are brief glimpses into their lives, but already, you can see that it is overflowing with love, commitment, trust and partnership. It warms my heart to see success stories like this and how they have managed to overcome everything that life has thrown at them so far because despite whatever challenges they may have encountered in the past, they appear stronger than ever.

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Asking a much younger couple to pose almost always guarantees that there’s going to be at least one awkward picture in the set, which is why I’m sure many photographers would enjoy shooting a more mature couple once in a while. Even if they end up being a little camera shy, you’ll still pick up on the level of comfort they have with each other, and that’s always a beautiful sight to behold.

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Visit Rosso’s website if you want to see the complete set of images.

Patricia Ramos

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