Photographer Captures Powerful Photos of Foster Children in Photo Series ‘Stories Worth Telling’

stories worth telling

In Stories Worth Telling, conceptual photographer Rob Woodcox decided to get on a journey of images showing challenges, victories, feelings, and discoveries of foster children. Every image in the collection contains wonderfully composed visuals inspired by cinematic scenes.

stories worth telling

When queried about this series, Woodcox said, “I am telling the stories of children that have been abandoned, neglected, and abused. I am shedding light on the desertion, the lack of attention, the harm and abuse that these children have been put through.” His end product is just absolutely fantastic.

stories worth telling photo

Working with foster kids recently gave him the idea for the Stories Worth Telling project. After observing firsthand the tough lives they have to endure, he knew that he needed to use his photography for a more meaningful purpose. One of the most memorable moments for him was when a dear friend donated his entire first paycheck to the project.

stories worth telling photo series

This friend had been looking for a job for months, and yet he saw enough purpose in the project to donate all of his first earnings to the kids. It is stories like this that encourages and assures Woodcox to pursue the idea of Stories Worth Telling.

photo series stories worth telling

Though still immersed in the project, Woodcox already tries to look beyond the horizon.

“As far as this project is concerned, we are publishing a book from all of the artistic photos I am creating, which portray the emotions, struggles, and triumphs of foster children. Included alongside the photos will be true short stories collected from former and some current foster kids. We are hoping to continue selling this book to provide further income for the camp this year, and for years to come.”

photo series stories worth telling rob woodcox

Woodcox is currently touring North America teaching workshops, and will begin teaching locally in Michigan. See his collective works over in his website.

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