Photographer Captures Renewal of Vows in Exotic Location Complete with Wildlife

african safari wedding

Photographer Christopher Scott recently shot some stunning wedding photos, not so much because of any particular technique, but due to the unusual subject matter and location. The wedding was held at the fabulous Chengeta Safari Lodge and the lucky groom was Redditor Corey Perkins, aka per1993 who decided to renew his vows with his Zimbabwe native wife of three years. The venue was of course no less than spectacular, given its exotic location.

african safari wedding zimbabwe

‘Chengeta’ in the Shona language of Zimbabwe means to ‘take care of’ or to ‘look after’ making the lodge almost a perfect place to tie the knot and exchange marital promises. Chengeta Safari Lodge is located at the foot of a granite kopje surrounded by native trees and a beautifully landscaped garden.

zimbabwe african safari wedding

Complete with real wildlife roaming the gardens, guests can enjoy a truly remarkable stay at the lodge. It has 16 room accommodations and is situated in the middle of a 7,500 acre wildlife heaven with numerous plains game as well as Lions, Buffalos, and domesticated Elephants, as seen in Perkin’s one-of-a-kind wedding.

african safari wedding bride

If plans push through, the entire property will be converted into a truly wild big 5 destination near the capital. Chengeta is representative of the warm hospitality that comes with an African welcome, as can be seen in the joyful nuptials photos.

african safari wedding settingThe extraordinary celebration shot by Scott shows a procession of elephants grandly bringing in the groom and his bride as they gather under an immense tree outdoors. The Zimbabwean backdrop is absolutely breathtaking, making for an incredibly beautiful ceremony. Perkins met his Zimbabwe- born bride while attending Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania. They were both there under an athletic scholarship at the time. Even thought the two got married in the in the United States, the couple had another wedding for the benefit of Mrs. Perkin’s relatives back home, and what a grand wedding it was.

african safari wedding procession

See Scott’s documentation of Mr and Mrs. Perkins’ nuptials here.

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