Photographer Captures Repetition and Visual Rhythm in Today’s Skyscrapers


French photographer Alexandre Jacques displays a keen eye for repetition and visual rhythm in his stunning series called Architectural Pattern. Appearing as straddling photography and graphic design, the series of images by Jacques, which digresses away from the conventional notions of architecture draws your attention instead on the visually recurring that is inherent in many contemporary structures.

modern architectural design pattern

Architectural Pattern is a showcase of modern facades in that unique way. The cutting edge series invites you to take a fresh look at certain facades often considered too functional, devoid of any aesthetic element. The repetition of vertical and horizontal lines or a monotonous pattern absorbs the viewer in a world where boundaries become blurred and muted.

modern architectural design

Jacques has the unique talent to shoot at a distinct perspective of structural landmarks in New York, Paris, and Brisbane, concentrating on a very particular part of the overall structure. Jacques is able to present the modern exteriors in a totally different manner, diverting the viewer’s eyes to the patterns and different linear arrangements that are seemingly infinite.


Among his mesmerizing and hypnotic patterns are shots of Tower Space 2000, Arche de la Défense, Tour Ariane, and Tour Novotel all from Paris; as well as Two World Financial Center,  New York Times Building and One Liberty Plaza in New York City. Jacques introduces himself via his website, and explains what Architectural Pattern is all about.

architectural design

“My name is Alexandre JACQUES. I’m a 28-year old Artistic Director working out of Paris, France. Architectural Pattern focuses on modern facades. At the boundaries between graphic design and photography, this project invites you to take a new look at chosen facades often considered invasive or degrading. The repetition of horizontal and vertical lines or a single pattern loses the viewer in a world where boundaries disappear. In the middle of such a mass Man no longer seems to exist.”

pattern architectural

architectural pattern

See his Architectural Pattern series here.

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