Photographer Captures Some of Your Pet Peeves in Photo Series ‘Annoying’


Are you one of those who have the nasty habit of returning empty containers in the refrigerator or cupboard? Chances are, there will be food items that are either practically empty or maybe even expired if a cursory check of the refrigerator is done. Photographer Bruce Peterson took on this topic that is an often ignored, not talked about issue, but nonetheless annoys all of us. As a matter of fact, the Boston based Peterson calls the series Annoying. It certainly is a subject matter we are all familiar with and can certainly relate to.

bruce peterson photo series annoying pet peeves

Peterson found this kind of behavior common with most roommates. These daily companions devour the last of the peanut butter in the ref or pantry, and then have the gall to put the empty bottle back. Peterson’s images from Annoying are graphic, extremely detailed, and well, irritating.

pet peeves bruce peterson photo series annoying

It is endemic and symptomatic of the ill-mannered roommate. Those ubiquitous people, who borrow your towel (eeww!), mooch cigarettes, pick from your tiny bag of chips, never flush the toilet, and do other disgusting, annoying habits that you have to put up with. Peterson cleverly depicts these images in a manner that the mundane actually looks artsy.

pet peeves bruce peterson photo series annoying

He is currently rated 8th in America for the number of campaigns published in Lürzer’s Archive in the past five years.

photo series annoying bruce peterson

Peterson expresses his driving principles on his Facebook page:

“I respond to shape, line and texture. Look for the light to have a physical presence in my photographs. I’m impressed with detail, render it well, and believe it takes a sophisticated approach to reach a simple solution.

Collaborative problem solving is one of the things that makes my job interesting and enjoyable. Humor helps. A lot really. So does Photoshop, when used smartly.

annoying bruce peterson photo series

My images have been recognized in mainstream commercial & industry-specific award shows and annuals, several times. In fact, I discovered that Lurzer’s Archive has me ranked at 8th in the USA for number of campaigns reproduced in that magazine in the last 5 years, 30th in the world. That was fun to see. Probably won’t get me the WIkipedia depth similar to the other Bruce, but I’m happy just to be working in my Boston studio and spending time with my wife and son in our 18th century home in the rural coastal suburbs. “

annoying bruce peterson

bruce peterson annoying

bruce peterson

See Annoying, and get annoyingly amused with these images here.

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