Photographer Captures Stunning Panoramas While Depicting How Miniscule We Humans Are

we are tiny

It’s been said time and again that we are all but a speck in the scheme of things in the universe. Well, Randy P. Martin is just all too aware of this, not only in relation to the vast cosmos, but even in the context of our natural wildlife.

randy p. martin photo series

Martin travelled the world to some lovely, albeit sometimes inhospitable but gorgeous vistas. He went amongst the immensity of mountains, glaciers, or even arid deserts, photographing the stunning panoramas while depicting how miniscule we humans are. With human subjects reduced to just a speck on the images, Martin calls the series quite aptly, We Are Tiny.

randy p. martin

In all the pictures he places a solitary figure that stands out in stark contrast to the immense space. Martin drives home the point that we should not be egocentric with our own little concerns, and instead always be aware of the bigger picture.  Conversely, it is also a reminder that although we may seem insignificant, each ones contribution to the whole is an important one.

we are tiny randy p. martin

The American photographer refers to his work as “travel documentation.” In We Are Tiny, Martin demonstrates just how physically tiny we are compared to the rest of the world. Martin has a passion for documenting his travels, and We Are Tiny is one concrete example of this fervor at work.

we are tiny photo series

So far he has amassed a vast and growing picture archive and this work in progress is one of the biggest inspirations for Martin to continue with his beloved photography. A favorite side activity Martin has is to start an album from images gathered years earlier, remembering the  acquaintances, adventures, places and the good old times. Martin uses a Fujifilm X-Pro 1 or a Yashica T5 to do the picture taking in these exploits.

photo series

photo serieswe are tiny

See his thought provoking We Are Tiny here.

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