Photographer Captures the Gigantic Slopes of the European Alps

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Photographer Jacob Sjöman’s pictures of the European Alps can only be described with one word: awesome. His images are able to capture the absolute grandeur of these gigantic slopes, their purity seen from a distance giving us a sense and perspective once again of how we are all so small in the big scheme of things. The Alps are one of the immense mountain range systems of Europe that spans around 1,200 kilometres across no less than eight Alpine countries from Slovenia to Austria over in the east, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and France on the west, and Italy and Monaco to the south.

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These mountain ranges were formed over a period of hundreds of millions of years as the African and Eurasian tectonic plates collided over the centuries. Tremendous shortening caused by the geological activity forced marine sedimentary rocks to rise by folding and thrusting into high mountain peaks such as the ones of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. Mont Blanc at 4,810.45 meters is the highest mountain in the Alps. The Alpine entire region area has many peaks that rise higher than 4,000 meters.

european alps

The Alpine region has a very defined cultural distinctiveness. The traditional culture of cheese making, farming, and woodworking still pervades in Alpine villages. Those customs notwithstanding,  the tourism industry started to develop early in the 20th century and grew  much following World War II to become the driving industry by the close of the last century. Winter Olympic have been held in the French, Italian, Swiss, Austrian and German Alps, as the weather and terrain are perfect for the games. Today the region is home to 14 million people and welcomes 120 million yearly visitors.

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Jacob Sjöman is the founder of Sjöman Art which was established in 2006. Today Sjöman shows his versatility by going on all all sorts of assignments for photography and graphic design. Using a keen eye he always tries to bring captivating stories to people’s attention through his work. His series on the European Alps is an example of his mastery of the craft.

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jacob sjoman european alps

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