Photographer Captures the Grace and Elegance of a Dancer Using High Speed Photography and Milk Powder

high speed photography

Photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte using high-speed photography captured the powerful but graceful dance movements of a professional acrobatic dancer reacting with unpredictable movements of powder. The dance performance was actually staged to promote and market a new line of coffee creamers created by the Dutch company Campina Friesland Kievit, which is known for specializing in powdered milk.

high speed photographer

Teamed up with the Norvell Jefferson creative agency and a professional dancer, Vanhoutte was able to animate powdered milk as it seemed to interact with the flawless movements of the talented performer.

high speed photo

One would not be too far-off if these images were mistaken to be still excerpts of some spectacular fiction based movie from Hollywood. What is actually captured and frozen by the camera is the action of the dancer throwing clouds of smoke (powdered milk) up in the air while executing graceful and fluid dance moves.

high speed photo dancer


Vanhoutte magnificently captured the performance in mesmerizing photographs, but he shared that  it took even longer to clean up the mess than to actually produce the images from the series. As one can guess, this was not your ordinary photo shoot.

high speed photo dancer milk powder

The process was quite complicated, as high-speed cameras were used to shoot slow-motion footage and photos of every cloud of powder left behind by the dancer’s dramatic movements. Director André (Nicolas Vantomme) was also brought on board for the project, and the dancer is a professional named Noi Pakon.

high speed photo dancer milk powder ad campaign

“The client requested to have a new – teasing / disruptive – approach in a conventional market,” Vanhoutte recently shared in an interview. “This was the ultimate idea to capture the attention on a matter that is otherwise pretty ordinary within their buyers’ market.”

See more of this amazing project here.

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