Photographer Captures the Inherent Power of the Ocean’s Gentle Waves and Tranquil Blue Waters


Photographer Andrew Smith raises the bar quite higher with his profoundly beautiful pictures of the sea. Resplendent in many hues of blue as the ocean meets the sky in almost all of the images, Smith is able to seize the raw beauty of the ocean.

oceanside new zealand

The New Zealander captures these incredible oceanside landscapes using a new Nikon D800. He then processes them using Adobe Lightroom.  Smith shoots the majority of his work around New Zealand’s scenic countryside and his fascination for the sea is quite contagious as it at grabs you instantly when viewing the infectious photos from the collection.

seascape new zealand

Smith’s ocean photography showcases idyllic scenes in addition to the exquisiteness of the ocean movement and rhythm. The images are able to capture the inherent power of the ocean’s gentle waves and the deceiving calm of its tranquil blue waters.

sea underwater

Smith is extremely passionate about his love for the ocean, and he does not stop at just taking photos. He has an insatiable desire to teach and impart what he knows. Via his blog and website, Smith teaches other would-be photographers methods, tricks and techniques for capturing the best outdoor shots, different ways to create improved pictures, and even some darkroom techniques, a skill and art that has been so neglected in this day and age of digital manipulation.

oceanside landscape

Smith’s natural talent as a lensman is evident in every picture he puts up on Flickr, however his true zest and fiery passion for the art really resonates when one reads his tutorials. While he can cleverly deceive us with what we see, taking us on sea bound journeys and voyages, Smith never neglects his twin passion to teach those who want to be better photographers. One writer exclaimed that he would not mind being trapped inside one of Smiths brilliantly composed ocean landscapes, which is testimony to the elegant style Smith has when shooting the rugged seas.


See his idyllic seascapes here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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