Photographer Captures the Otherworldly Splendor of the Finnish Landscape

night sky photographer

Finland-based photographer Mikko Lagerstedt once again shows us that he is a master at the theme of surreal landscape images. Just like his previous works, the otherworldly splendor of the Finnish landscape is impeccably captured in his photographs.

night sky photo

Images of star-speckled night skies or tranquil snow covered woods will certainly feed your sense of travel and adventure. Lagerstedt is self-taught but is no doubt a virtuoso at capturing panoramic landscapes in all their grandeur and he often finds himself communing directly with nature as he takes to the outdoors lifestyle.

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Lagerstedt makes use of multiple photos to produce his images, which are actually composites, by merging longer exposures with considerably shorter ones. This is a technique that he is very transparent about and shares openly on his website. He go into photography back in December of 2008 and ever since then he has developed a passion for it. He is also constantly trying to find new ways to perceive things, maintaining a fresh perspective of the world.

long exposure photographer

He displays this worldview through enchanting photos showcasing some of Finland’s extraordinary landscapes. He concentrates on shooting on the horizon line, and the images dramatize the vast landscapes of his Finnish homeland.

long exposure photo

Lagerstedt recently shared some insight, saying,

“My first inspiration towards photography came when I was driving to my relatives cabin after one rainy day and when the sun was about to set. I saw this beautiful landscape filled with fog and sunlight, and at that moment I made a decision to start capture those wonderful sights.I love to capture atmospheric landscapes and I’m drawn to night and early morning light. I shot these images in Finland, either by the coast or far away from the cities.”

Mikko Lagerstedt

Lagerstedt is also an award-winning fine art photographer and his distinct style is evident in his work portfolio here.

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