Photographer Captures the Youthful Exuberance of Her Growing Daughters in Heartwarming Series

kate parker

Most parents, especially with the proliferation of digital cameras document all there is to take of their growing children. Arguably, this generation of children (and henceforth) will perhaps have the most comprehensive images of their growing years, more than all those that came before them. Kate T. Parker is one such parent, and being a professional photographer, raises the bar.  She captures her two children in lovely images during the early stages of their childhood. Shot mostly in black and white, the photos have a vintage look to them, complete with the imperfect grainy texture so common to the film medium.

kate parker children

Her children are captured in many settings, their youthful exuberance shining through in every image. Anyone who has had a brood of kids will connect with this series, as we see the universality of carefree youth playing out. We can see the simple joys that are shared by siblings as they partake in simple activities like playing with a garden hose or just lying around snuggled up together.

kate parker children daughter

These childly encounters are so simple, and yet indelible and irreplaceable moments that stay with us all our lives. Parker is able to seize these special moments and immortalize them through her work. The series gives not only her daughters a priceless collection of personal mementos, but a series for others that may serve to trigger their own fond memories of growing up as well.

kate parker children wall

Parker is from Atlanta, Georgia which is where she also works. Her family is a deep well of inspiration for her and a favorite subject for her photography. At present she concentrates most of her photography on weddings, families, fine art, as well as commercial work.

kate parker children in action

She tries to find ways of putting her aesthetic and sense of beauty in all of them. Her professional aim is to show an honesty and truth in her subjects, while not being too serious or dramatic. One can say she is successful at achieving this, as her collection of her two lovely girls easily puts a big smile on your face.

daughters kate parker children

See her delightful series of her children, 8-year-old Ella and 5-year-old Alice here.

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