Photographer Combines Elegant Portraits with Her Tranquil Surroundings to Create Dreamlike Images

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Jenna Martin is a fine art and underwater photographer who works out of Billings, Montana. Martin lives there with her husband Chris in their small animal farm, which already tells you that she likes the rustic outdoors. After earning her Master’s in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, she made an abrupt 180-degree career shift into the field of photography. Since then, Martin has been creating surreal images and has built quite a reputation. Today she is internationally published, with her work also appearing in a variety of art galleries all over the country.

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Martin creates alternate, otherworldly realities and dimensions through her conceptual images. She draws inspiration from various sources such as films and stories passed on from older generations.

Martin takes full advantage her rustic, tranquil surroundings to produce and capture elaborate portraits that truly come to life after flawlessly merging different components together in the post-processing and editing stage.

jenna martin conceptual photo

For instance, in one remarkable image, dozens of flowers enclosed in bubbles lightly float around a young woman, hinting of spring. Another photo shows a figure garbed in white perched atop a half-sunken vehicle, playing a tune on her violin to an absent audience.

jenna martin conceptual photography

In yet another image rendered in monochrome, a shirtless man gazes blankly upward as branches and twigs sprout out of his upper body. These conceptual portraits embody the trademark components of Martin’s work. She is extremely imaginative with always a hint of melancholia, filled with a touch of dreamlike wonder that alludes to some mystery.

jenna martin conceptual photographer

When Martin is not busy immersed taking pictures, she is usually enjoying her rustic environment, taking in stray animals, scouring prices of plane tickets to faraway locations, or just participating in general, non-conformist activities. Sounds like an artist all the way to her very core.

jenna martin conceptual photos

See the rest of her work here.

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