Photographer Creates Beautiful Abstract Images Using an Assortment of Art Materials

Mark lovejoy

Mark Lovejoy creates work that’s quite difficult to classify. What at first appear like complex digital renderings could also just be photographs of gooey paint. In fact Lovejoy’s images are a cross of both, manipulated and then reworked until the patterns and textures take a pleasing aesthetic form, while retaining their ambiguity. Lovejoy creates beautiful abstract images using an assortment of materials in his art studio. The photographs are intense with color and depth, imbued with different moods.

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He works from his studio in Alpine, Texas, where he takes pleasure in producing richly textured images of blended paint colors. Though Lovejoy can be quite guarded about his creative process, one thing certain is that his creations aren’t just photographs of mixed paint. The art of producing the color formations alone mimics some form of chemistry as Lovejoy fuses diluents, waxes, resins, oils, and drying agents to come up with the varied textures visible in his work.

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Segments are then shot, retooled, and reshot. As this process comes to an end, what we have visually are beautifully colorful images that straddle the line somewhere between abstract art or industrial themes. Whatever they may seem to the viewer; Lovejoy is tremendously talented as he comes-up with several images every day which he puts up on his website. Prints are also available of every image, in case you wish to own these unique pieces.

Mark lovejoy photography


He shared some insight into his creative genius.

“These are not photographs of paintings – no paintings exist.  These images are of something as fleeting as any street scene or sunset – illuminated pigments, diluents, extenders, resins, oils, fillers, waxes, drying agents, etc. which, depending upon the mix, have varying miscibilities, viscosities, tacks, surface textures, reflectance, drying times etc., etc.  All images are made using CMYK, white & in some cases silver & gold.  Each original image has been reworked & reshot repeatedly – preserving any given iteration would be to doom all subsequent possibilities – the photographic record is all that remains . . .”

Mark lovejoy photographer

See Lovejoy’s ode to color here.

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