Photographer Creates Mesmerizing Landscape Photo Series Using an Unusual Lighting Technique

Benoit Paillé

Photographer Benoit Paillé has been dabbling with a mesmerizing series of landscape images using an odd lighting technique. The Montreal based Paillé uses a bizarre, floating and glowing square in all of his landscape photos. The images are real, meaning they are not Photoshop created. The 1×1 meter iridescent cube of light is suspended in the middle of every photograph and the resulting image portrays this weird manifestation of lighting.

alternative landscapes

Paillé claims that his purpose is to redefine the parameters of landscape photography by questioning its authenticity, a rather odd aim. Weird as it is,   it is easy to get seduced by the square illuminations that are both hypnotic and otherworldly in appearance. The light is actually a plastic square with 300 LED lights connected to a dimmer. It is fastened to trees using fishing lines to make it appear suspended.

Benoit Paillé alternative landscapes

On the rationale behind the concept,  Paillé says “I wanted to create something that wasn’t really a landscape but rather something engineered, so as to move the viewer in a different way, to show the real, I use tricks and fakery: it is my belief that photography is not a representation of the real, but creates it.”

Benoit Paillé alternative landscape photo series

Paillé further elucidates on his conceptual framework.

“I am first and foremost constantly experimenting with my environment, both social and natural. More specifically, my work focuses on questioning the limits imposed by humans. How to push the limits or constraints that are self-imposed. Or with what I currently live, how to redefine the landscape with a luminous presence made. Playing with the boundaries between the conventions, I try to give my own definition of established genres of photography.”

Benoit Paillé alternative landscape photo series Benoit Paillé alternative

Paillé is a 26 year old French-Canadian photographer, but who began studying medical biology for 3 years, until he abandoned that pursuit for photography. His work has been seen in many publications around the globe. Paillé has had exhibitions in Japan, L.A, Barcelona, Canada, Moscow and the Ukraine.

alternative Benoit Paillé alternative landscape photo series Benoit Paillé

He frequently conducts workshops on photography and art around the world in places like London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Turino, and he works in partnership with an advertising agency. His projects typically are about portrait work, human interest, and evening scenarios.

alternative landscapes

See his surreal body of work here.

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