Photographer Demonstrates Use of Light, Motion and Long Exposures in Photo Series ‘Trajectory’


The combination of light and motion always makes for some pretty amazing results. Slow shutter speeds capture images of light in motion in the most spectacular ways, creating pictures that are always dazzling to the eye. It is not an uncommon subject and technique, however every once in a while we do see some exceptional examples. Zach Ancell certainly did not disappoint with his attempt to lend this trick to a theme. The Portland-based photographer captures the grace and eloquence of dancers and athletes in motion in his series Trajectory. It is an example of how movement, light and a camera can paint a very interesting picture.

basketball player


Trajectory is a spectacular effort coming from Zach Ancell. The series captures athletes and dancers, while incorporating some light painting. For drama, the photos were shot against a black backdrop. The effect is the revelation of slow motion grace captured in still images. It shows the elegance of what is sometimes obscured by the swiftness at which these athletes and dancers move.



Ancell shares his passion for athletes in motion on his Behance profile saying,

“I was the kid who you were more likely to see running laps around the track than taking pictures or drawing. It wasn’t until the end of my athletic career in college that I picked up a camera and started to take photographs. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as my interest grew in photography I naturally decided to couple it with my lifelong love of sports. My passion lies in capturing the beauty and power of athletes and sports in interesting and unique ways. I bring my own personal knowledge of sports to each and every shoot to help create photographs that depict athletes in perfect moments.”





Visit his website to see more examples of how he combines his two loves, sports and photography.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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