Photographer Documents State of the Art Medical Devices that Save Lives

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Reiner Riedler has chosen quite an unusual subject, that when you think of it, should be a topic of interest for most of us. After all, these machines that Riedler chose to shoot are lifesavers. Riedler has spent a year photographing 50 state-of-the-art medical devices.

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These are not your usual x-ray machines, mind you, but rather some pretty high end stuff. They range from range from computed tomography scanners, dialysis machines in addition to ventilation systems. He also goes through the trouble of photographing both the early and modern versions. “I always ask myself, why do these machines look so human? I guess that the designers wanted to create something connected to people,” says the photographer of his theme. “Each of these is a medical machine, isolated from its usual place of use.”

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The project is aptly called The Lifesaving Machines and it was inspired by complications that arose during the birth of Riedler’s son. He remembers an inspiring moment as he waited in the neonatal intensive care unit, keeping his newborn son company. Riedler was overwhelmed with appreciation and awe for the miracle that is modern medicine.  The knowledge and technology combined that doctors and health care centers have in their arsenal today.

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Riedler’s series explores the many crises that people have to endure and the corresponding medical remedies, particularly machines and how they compensate for some of nature’s less than perfect situations.  Riedler intentionally did not include faces to certain conditions and illnesses, and instead chose to focus on the machines and apparatus to have a more dispassionate approach.

reiner riedler lifesaving machines exhibition

Riedler recounted more of his thoughts as he went through the experience with his son.”It took me a while to adjust to the strangely bright lights and the beeps and hums, but I was so impressed by all the high-tech devices monitoring him constantly.” Half a year later when his son was in much better health, Riedler started on his mission to put a spotlight on these life changing and saving machines.

exhibition reiner riedler lifesaving machines

See his work, The Lifesaving Machines here.

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