Photographer Documents the Changes in Ice from Her Own Freezer

frozen water

Australian photographer Heidi Romano transforms the mundane into the visually extraordinary in a series entitled Frozen Water. Romano made her frozen world by photographing the changes in ice from her own freezer, watching as the substance began to crack, melt, and dissolve as it was brought out of its freezing environment.

frozen water heidi romano

The images Romano comes-up with are deceivingly different, looking more like vast landscapes that appear more foreboding, considering this is nothing but ice from your garden variety refrigerator. Romano names each photograph after a ship that once collided with an iceberg, a small way for her to pay tribute to those unfortunate sea farers.

heidi romano frozen water

Romano had these words to say of her Frozen Water,

 “I started Frozen Water two years ago – an idea inspired by the fast dwindling icebergs. I have no means to travel to the Arctic, so I made my own ice landscapes.

The more I worked on the project, the more it came down to my fascination with a single atom of water. An ice sheet, natural light, and a macro lens transformed my water into an abstract painting, full of form, texture and hues of colour. Something to explore, discover and dive into.”

ice frozen water

The slightest change of focus transforms these images totally. It is entrancing to witness an image change from something ordinary into an abstract, almost unknown shape. Such abstraction makes us feel we have discovered something.

frozen water ice

The miniscule environments found in Frozen Water are a journey in form finding. They are also different perceptions and expectations we have of water, as we find an unexpected beauty within the images. They are landscapes which can be seen in a space that is neither real nor imaginary.

ice heidi romano

Romano is a fine art photographer and curator who resides in the goldfields, near Melbourne, Australia. She frequently works with micro-environments that are found everywhere, but usually go unnoticed.

heidi romano

See her work called Frozen Water here.

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