Photographer Drenches His Subjects in Sticky Honey in Photo Series ‘Preservation’


The health benefits of honey have been well-documented in early Roman, Vedic, Greek, and Islamic literature and the healing abilities of honey were referred to by scientists and philosophers all the way back to ancient times. Though exceedingly looked up to in ancient civilizations, honey is not appreciated enough in today’s modern world. Which brings us to artist Blake Little.

preservation photo

Little drenches people of all shapes and sizes, age, background, with lots of honey while being photographed, and he calls this strange collection Preservation. Little thought of the idea for Preservation during another portrait series. He was photographing a “bear” when he sought to try out a few unusual ideas, so he introduced some honey.

preservation photo man

Fired up with what he saw, he invited a friend the following week to come by his studio. In that session he shot some portraits with honey covering his friend’s head and beard and ultimately his entire body.

Little described the strange photoshoot saying “the honey has a way of diffusing the personal qualities of the subject often making them unrecognizable and democratizing the individual with universal iconic qualities.” In the pictures, Little observed that his subjects appeared to be preserved in amber, hence the title Preservation which is now a book.

preservation photo series

Little’s works can also be viewed at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles between March 7 – April 18, 2015. Speaking more about the collection, Little said,

“I realized that everyone has to be encased in it and that’s what made the most powerful image.” His models were sourced from Craigslist as well as through agencies that had professional dancers and models in their roster, and he started photoshoots in a bigger studio working on the series from 2012 until about the mid of 2014. He says that the concept is really a celebration of the human body.

preservation photos

Little is an award-winning photographer based in Los Angeles known for his skill to capture images with truthful intimacy and honesty. His talent as a portrait photographer has earned him a reputation as a favorite among international publications, celebrities, in addition to corporate clients.

preservation photo series

See the rest of Little’s work here.

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