Photographer Expresses Himself Through Beautiful Japanese Landscape Photography

hidenobu suzuki

Hidenobu Suzuki is an amateur photographer who decided to raise the bar on his creativity. Suzuki set-out to express emotions using landscapes rather than portraits as his medium for creating such imagery. The result of his labor is a beautiful collection of inspiring photographs that have won many awards. It is a striking series where you are indeed swept into a world laced with emotions that go from joy, to melancholy and so many other myriads of feelings.

hidenobu suzuki japan photo

It is an indescribable effect that strikes you when you view his photographs. Most of his picture are devoid of people except for a few exceptions. Suzuki tries his best to rely on landscape alone as his sole medium to convey emotions.

hidenobu suzuki japan landscape

Toyohashi, Aichi-based Suzuki also shoots his photographs in a way that are like Japanese paintings. Suzuki espouses that realism in photography is more of a Western originated way of expressing emotions, and he feels that “Japanese like to express emotions and spiritual feelings through the landscape photography”. Suzuki’s landscapes are exquisite examples of an alternate way to discover our emotions expressed through artistic photography.

hidenobu suzuki japan

Suzuki further elaborated, “Using logical thinking at photography results in better attention to the detail, but there is a tendency to get bored. Working with feelings and looking for emotions is more relaxing.” Suzuki is a self-taught amateur and typically does a lot of Japanese urban as well as nature themed projects. He is also very connected to his emotions, as evidenced by his work.

hidenobu suzuki japan landscape photo


“Contemporary theater, art and music stimulate the brain and increase mood,” he said. “Emotional art heal people and leads the society to harmony. I took a challenge to capture emotions with my camera.”

hidenobu suzuki japan landscape photographer

See the very honest work of Suzuki here.

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